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The characteristics that make it advantageous and economical use of our induction furnaces are essentially:


1) Low power consumption.


2) Reduction of the 'oxidation of the metal. The furnaces are well insulated to with very few dispersions, with the electrical equipment adjusting the power of the oven so as to avoid excessive overheating of the metal avoiding the losses of zinc (brass and bronze) or the hard spots (aluminum) which increase with the rise of the temperature.
It is also possible to control the temperature automatically through immersion probes at low cost.


3) Low maintenance costs. For the oven itself and are limited to wear of the refractories . (ovens channel vertical type T. 4. P. and T.O.S.C. not always have to be rebuilt on the pelvis ) Electrical parts of the oven are not subject to wear if the oven is well used and if you are running scheduled maintenance as per our instructions. .
Almost no maintenance to of the control panel.


4) Starting the oven automatically stops after of the holidays. (Ovens channel vertical type T. 4. P. and T.O.S.C. you can stop the oven at the weekend).


5) Ovens two basins: year the advantage of having a basin for melting and a basin for the wait, are thus eliminated downtime of operators working on castings.


In the basin of fusion is possible to enter gradually metal to be melted, without altering the temperature of the waiting basin, so as to be able to withdraw continuity metal eliminating downtime periods of charging.


6) Elimination of the crucibles.