SANZFOR - Electric Induction Oven for Metallurgy Melting - Brescia, Italy


The company was founded in 1976 by my father ERMANNO in Lumezzane, an industrial province in Brescia -Italy-.

Since 1958 he worked in the industrial furnace sector, firstly as an apprendist, then as a qualified tradesman and finaly as a specialized technician with a company that constructed induction furnaces. In the 1995 the company becomes SANZFOR of SANZOGNI RADAMES.

For almost 35 years we have put our service to the desposal of clients, satisfyng all their requirements: from the tecnological point of view to the work safety features

Our offer satisfies all type of request: from a small artisan to a large company with the same quality an professionalism.

From January 2012 the company has moved into new and larger premises in Nave.

sede di Nave